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What is a Digital Critique?

The digital critique is a short multi modal communication piece that reflects the author’s engagement (that’s you) with the story, and therefore engages others. The story told should be of interest to the author, something that touches him/her on a deeper level.

The digital critique is a unique exercise in strengthening digital literacy skills, communication skills, creative thinking, and deepening the level of content not just through a textual context but also through images, sound, composition, and pacing. The author must engage in and draw upon multiple elements to complete the Digital critique. It’s an art form. Your story should be unique, original, and evoke a response in you. If it doesn’t matter to you, it won’t matter to your audience.

A Digital Critique combines the same elements as a written essay. It will contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Before you begin your digital critique, consider your purpose and your target audience. What do you have to say and to whom? How much does your audience already know about the subject matter? What should they know? What is your story and what elements will help aid in the delivery of your story? The use of iconic images, a solid narration, appropriate transitions, and effective music will help strengthen your point of view.